Beat high gas and electricity bills with big savings from energy management tool

Energy watchdog Ofgem is looking into recent gas and electricity price rises, to see if more action is needed to protect consumers. It said that the net profit margin of £65 per typical customer in September was now £90, a 38% increase. “The energy retail market can only be fully effective if consumers have confidence that the market is transparent and easy to take part in,” said Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan. “So we will go beyond our usual quarterly reports on prices and do a comprehensive review of the retail market.”

To keep down rocketing winter fuel prices, simply replace your boiler time clock with a HeatingSave controller, which can save homes and businesses £1,000s. The computerised controller contains a mathematical tool which learns the heat loss profile of your building, and calculates every day how to make your boiler and central heating system more efficient and cheaper to run – by up to 30%. An RS485 link to PC software creates a powerful energy management tool, showing temperature and savings graphs, plus the daily cost of using heating.

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