British public warming up to shale gas fracking, study reveals

The UK public is slowly, but surely, starting to accept the idea of shale gas exploration, a recent research report by the University of Nottingham has revealed.

According to a news article on the matter, researchers carried out regular surveys over a 16 month period to look at people’s perceptions of shale gas. Their results show that despite warnings about earthquakes, water contamination, and increasing carbon emissions, the UK public increasingly approve of the exploitation of shale gas as an energy source.

The number of people who associate shale gas with being a ‘cheap fuel’ has risen from 40.5% in the first survey to 55% now, and the positive rating for shale (the ‘do associate’ minus the ‘don’t associate’) is +33.4, up from +11.4 in the first survey, and steadily rose throughout the period.

Unfortunately, while most people hope that extensive shale gas exploration and exploitation will actually bring down energy prices, the truth of the matter is that this is not really the case. In fact, even the energy suppliers’ official representatives acknowledged the fact that bills won’t go down, even if shale gas is added to the energy mix.

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