Consumers still don’t trust energy suppliers, research reveals

Energy suppliers have not really managed to do anything about winning back the customers’ confidence, a new research report has revealed.

According to a media news report on the matter, a recent market study revealed that the large majority of the 1000 people surveyed would trust either their local council or an online comparison site in order to help them achieve the desired energy savings, with 33% of the vote each. Energy suppliers ranked significantly lower, with just 12% of respondents saying that they would turn to their energy supplier as a source of information.

Financial advisers were ranked even lower, with only around 11% of the vote, while environmental regulators got 6% and environmental received 5%.

When asked what measures would help energy suppliers regain some of the lost trust, 37% of the people participating in the survey answered that more transparent price breakdowns were needed, while 77% felt the best method for encouraging sustainability was giving cheaper bills and lower tariffs in exchange for using less energy.

John Pooley, the Managing Director at The Data Partnership – the company that conducted the survey – said: “Clearly consumer trust in energy providers is on the decline. With increasing discontent over price and service levels, energy providers need to take action in order to appear more transparent and restore consumer faith.”

Beside trying to get a better tariff, consumers can also start saving energy reducing bills by implementing a Building Energy Management System, such as HeatingSave.

The HeatingSave system allows home owners to cut energy bills by up to an impressive 30%+. It is built around the idea of optimizing the energy consumption levels within any area with the help of an advanced heat-loss algorithm that creates a specific profile for any building and based on that, switches heating on later if its warm and off earlier if its cold.

Additionally, the automatic occupancy detection allows the temperature to reduce to a background when areas are not used and quickly brought up to temperature when they are being used.

If you’d like to find out more information on the HeatingSave system and the way in which one can take advantage of it, just contact our dedicated team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of the questions and queries you might have.

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