Domestic energy budgeting software is ideal for holiday homes

Energy Bill Energy and Climate Change Select Committee HeatingSave House & Home self learning computerised management system saves energy reduce heating bills budget holiday homes“Serious doubts” have been raised over the Energy Bill according to a new parliamentary report. Concerns were also voiced last month by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee of MPs about uncertainties surrounding key parts of the bill. The Lords’ report criticises the lack of information on how the proposed contract for difference (CfD) feed-in tariffs will work for low carbon generators. It is worried that the process for awarding subsidies through CfD will be largely up to ministers.

HeatingSave House & Home is a self learning computerised management system that saves energy and can reduce your heating bills by 20% to 30%-plus. The system really comes alive if you decide to load the HeatingSave software to run on a home PC. You can quickly access graphical pie charts comparing costs with previous data so you can easily see and budget much energy you have used on heating and energy this year compared to last year. HeatingSave is ideal for holiday homes.

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