Energy Monitor helps manage and reduce domestic electricity bills

A group of MPs state it is time to get tough to ensure energy customers get a better deal. The report of the Energy and Climate Change Committee said: “We believe that a more proactive approach should be adopted.” The MPs approved of efforts by the regulator and the government to force suppliers to offer customers a more concise and simple range of tariffs. However, they said: “Whether or not these measures will improve the situation for consumers remains to be seen.”

The HeatingSave Energy Monitor enables you to manage and reduce your domestic electricity bills, typically by one-quarter or more. The Monitor lets you see in real-time how much electricity you are using to enable you to take immediate action and turn off equipment that has been unnecessarily left on. It also clearly displays the cost of the energy you are consuming, for today and previous days, together with the amount of carbon dioxide you have produced during that period of time.

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