Fixed energy efficiency targets could bolster the UK’s green economy

Setting clear, precise and tough energy efficiency targets is likely to bring about huge benefits for the UK economy, city leaders across the UK have argued in an open letter sent to the Prime Minister.

The leaders of Bristol, Aberdeen, Leicester and Milton Keynes have joined forces and called for binding targets in order to save jobs and increase the wellbeing of citizens they represent. They argue that a fixed target is needed to encourage investors to back the UK’s green economy and build competitiveness.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol and Low Carbon Cabinet Member for the Core Cities group, representing the councils of England’s eight largest city economies outside London, along with Glasgow and Cardiff, commented on the cities’ initiative:

“These targets are needed not just to make sure the UK plays its part in achieving international goals, but for social and economic reasons as well. In Bristol there is clear evidence that energy-efficiency policies can increase quality of life for people living here by alleviating fuel poverty and creating jobs.

”We’ve set ourselves some ambitious targets – most recently with our Warm Up Bristol programme aiming to fit 30,000 energy saving measures in four years – and we want government to work with us to do the same.”

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