Gas customers can make savings on amount of fuel needed to keep frost at bay

British Gas has been criticised for announcing record profits just after it raised prices. The UK’s biggest gas supplier has just revealed a 24% increase in profits over the last few months. About eight million customers were hit with a price hike on December 10, raising the average dual fuel bill by £80. Regulator Ofgem found average industry profit margins on a standard dual fuel tariff rose to £90 in November, from £65 in September, and is currently investigating the ‘big six’ energy providers.

Gas customers can install a HeatingSave boiler controller to make savings of around one-third off bills. One of the ways HeatingSave produces savings is via frost protection. Frost thermostats have the inherent disadvantages of always switching on the heating. HeatingSave initially turns on the heating pump distributing heat from one part of the building to another. Only when this is not enough will it switch on the boiler, and then only using the minimum amount of fuel to keep the frost at bay – saving up to 2%-plus of fuel.

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