Green Deal lacks proper advertising, claim building industry sources

Marketing for the Green Deal is under-funded compared to the proportions of budgets allocated by large retailers, sources within the building industry claim.

In fact, according to this news report, Travis Perkins’ Matthew Wright went as far as saying that the money allotted to Green Deal marketing “is just completely inadequate. They have spent £10m and if you think how much Tesco and John Lewis spend on their advertising, it is insignificant, it is a drop in the ocean.”

Other sources claim that the Government’s reluctance to provide specific data regarding the number of customers who’ve decided to join the Green Deal program is also preventing more companies from becoming interested in it.

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Furthermore, the system will also allow you to save between 20 and 30 percent on your energy bills, which means that, in effect, with the help of the Green Deal programme, it will pay for itself, and ultimately bring you a profit, over time.

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