Heating control software allows households to see where most energy has been used

Energy customers will be automatically offered cheaper deals by the suppliers, Nick Clegg will announce today (Wednesday, April 11, 2012). Under the scheme, every household will be notified at least once a year if they should switch tariffs. In his speech, the Deputy Prime Minister will say: “We can help people get their bills down. We have secured a landmark deal with the six big energy companies to give customers a guaranteed offer of the best tariff for them.”

Forget cheaper deals from energy suppliers – switch now to a HeatingSave boiler and central heating control system and typically you can cut more than a quarter off home heating bills. The system really comes alive if you decide to load the HeatingSave software to run on a home PC. Your household is able to manage heating patterns, the heating diary, and see where and when you have been using the most fuel or energy. You can receive customised automatic security and equipment failure warnings by email.

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