HeatingSave House and Home gets Approval from the Energy Savings Trust

The Energy Savings Trust, is a Government backed non-profit organisation that provides free impartial advice tailored to the consumer. Their advice can help you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home.

The Energy Savings Trust has just approved HeatingSave House & Home as an energy saving product and have added HeatingSave to their list of recommended products to buy. Dr Jones who oversaw the submission of HeatingSave to the Energy Savings Trust said “I am very pleased HeatingSave House & Home have been approved. It’s a first class product and would make considerable savings for householders with central heating systems”.

HeatingSave will now carry the sought after Energy Savings Trust logo on its products and the public can be assured that the product is scientifically proven to save on fuel bills and cut CO2 emissions.

Heating Save Sales Director, Matt Ellwood, commented “We are absolutely delighted. The minimum saving reported to us by any HeatingSave customer so far is 24%. The accreditation by the Energy Savings Trust is a well deserved reward to our scientists and engineers who have made HeatingSave House & Home such a world class product”.

The House & Home pack includes the HeatingSave boiler controller with 5 temperature sensors. These are used to monitor and control the boiler flow and return pipe temperatures, monitor the outside temperature, as well as the temperatures in the various heating zones. One of these zones can be the hot water cylinder. Here, the hot water temperature may be varied at different times of the day. For example, you might want hot water at 65°c for baths in the morning but only water at 45°c during the day for washing of hands and dishes. This might not sound much of a saving but it all adds up over the course of a heating year, especially when using electric immersion heaters in summer. As the system is automatic, you can leave HeatingSave to run your heating unaided – all the time saving you money.

The HeatingSave PC software displays graphs of the savings made and the amount of fuel and energy used. However, the PC software is not essential to HeatingSave as the boiler controller has its own a keypad and backlit LCD display used to run the system. Unlike most heating system time clocks, this keypad/display has a large character 4 line by 16 character display, is similar in use to a mobile phone, and is very ‘user friendly’.

If you are interested in solar heating of hot water, then we have good news! As from August 2009 HeatingSave House and home can also be used to control solar heating – saving you even more money. Any customers who have already bought HeatingSave can get a free download of the new controller firmware at www.heatingsaveshop.co.uk.

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