HeatingSave prevents unnecessary heat loss and wastage in homes

The Scottish government is using cutting-edge technology which will enable housing providers to pinpoint precisely where heat is being lost. Clyde Valley Housing Association is one of four Scottish associations taking part in the scheme which could be introduced countywide if successful. During the 15-month process, thermal imaging will be carried out by IRT Surveys of Dundee. The pilot project is being spearheaded by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) and was unveiled as ministers looked at major issues in housing policy.

Heat and energy loss is a factor in all homes, but this can be minimised by installing a HeatingSave House and Home energy management system. Your boiler and heating set-up contributes a large percentage of a home’s planet-harming CO2 emissions, and will be wasteful if it is not being used more effectively. The computerised HeatingSave controller is constantly making calculations to maximise your heating and boiler efficiency. The longer HeatingSave has been installed, the more it saves energy as the computer continually refines its mathematical thermal algorithm of your house.

The apparatus can be linked to your PC to produce heating zone reports and graphs. Easily-installed Passive Infra-Red Detectors, which enable heat to be switched off when no-one is detected in a room, will complete a powerful property home energy management system, therefore saving £100s off annual fuel bills. It is easily possible for the system to pay for itself in one or two years.

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