HeatingSave sensors enable quick system adjustments based on apparent temperature

While HeatingSave enables customers to enjoy optimum thermal comfort levels across their homes or buildings (and cuts their bills in the process), the truth of the matter is that there are certain situations when one simply feels the need of a very rapid change in their heating zone’s temperature.

For example, when outside temperatures are very low, you might feel the need to quickly get the temperature up a notch. After a while, as your body’s temperature starts to balance, you might start to feel warm, and will want to adjust the heating once more.

For this reason, the HeatingSave system includes a very smart control solution that will allow you to immediately alter its functionality, located right on the temperature sensor.

The temperature sensors are an integral part of any HeatingSave system, and are typically installed where room thermostats were previously located.

While most sensors are used solely for the purpose of continuously transmitting temperature-related information to the central HeatingSave controller, we also offer a sensor version fitted with 4 programmable touch buttons.

These buttons will enable you to quickly “boost” the heating system for a short period of time, or inform HeatingSave on your apparent temperature (the temperature your body feels), thus allowing it to make the necessary changes in order to ensure an optimum level of comfort.  

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