Home energy management system reduces fuel usage and saves money

A director of a charity has said government plans to shake up Britain’s power supply market are “regressive”. Norman Kerr of Energy Action Scotland: “It is a regressive step as payments to cover the costs will take the form of blanket levies on customers’ bills and will not be based on either ability to pay or level of usage.” He favours general taxation as a way of paying for energy reforms.

Home Energy Management systems such as HeatingSave cut heating bills by 20% to 30%-plus and are Government approved by the Carbon Trust. Once installed, the HeatingSave controller constantly reads the temperature from sensors connected to the flow and return pipe of your boiler, hot water tank and outside your home to learn about the heat loss profile of your house. This is constantly recalculated each day so that HeatingSave can more efficiently use the way in which your central heating system is switched on and off to keep you warm, while drastically reducing fuel usage and saving money.

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