Home energy saving room temperature sensor has four programmable touch switches

The Government has awarded £3.4 million in new funding for renewable heating systems at more than 40 social housing projects. The domestic schemes will bid to slash carbon emissions and energy bills in homes across the UK. The funding awards were made on Thursday as part of the third phase of the government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment, and handed out around £156,000 each in direct grants. The funding will support the installation of various renewable heat technologies.

An intelligent PC powered system for homes which slashes energy bills by 30% is available from HeatingSave. Our devices include the HeatingSave Room Temperature Sensor which replaces where your existing room thermostat was located. It continuously measures the temperature in your home and feeds this to the HeatingSave controller. You will need to have at least one temperature sensor for each heating zone. A version of the room sensor has four programmable touch switches. You can program these to “boost” the heating for a period.

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