Household energy consumption can be viewed on a Smart Phone

The price of petrol has hit a record high following tension between Iran and the West. The average price of unleaded petrol has reached 137.44p per litre, according to industry analysts Experian Catalist. That eclipses the average of 137.43p reached just under a year ago. Prices have been forced up by oil costs, which have increased recently due to tensions over Iran’s nuclear plans and unrest in the region. Diesel is at an all-time high of 144.67p per litre.

Oil and other energy users suffering from high heating bills can cut 20% to 30%-plus off home heating bills and still stay warm by switching to the Ofgem-approved HeatingSave, which automatically runs your heating system more efficiently. It applies to any sized home, from a small flat to a set of homes. The HeatingSave House & Home System is simple to install and is great for the Green Deal. Your household energy consumption is displayed on the PC software or via an iPhone or Smart Phone.

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