Keep warm in winter and drive down cost of heating bills

An MP said it was unacceptable that 20,400 householders in his constituency live in under-heated homes. Dan Jarvis confirmed that he would be raising the issue in parliament. Mr Jarvis, who represents Barnsley, called for neighbours to look out for vulnerable members of their community and those who cannot afford to keep themselves warm. He wants the government to do more to halt deaths caused by the cold each year, adding: “In 21st century Britain it is just plain wrong.”

HeatingSave helps people keep themselves warm in winter because our computer controlled system drives down the cost of heating bills. HeatingSave’s mobile software lets you stay in touch from anywhere in the world! You can wirelessly check and control the heating in your house so it only comes on when you are at home. It allows you to update the intelligent heating diary because your plans have changed. HeatingSave’s self learning system efficiently controls fuel and energy costs to save a quarter off bills.

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