Lower gas bills with self-learning system that runs heating more efficiently

climate change European shale gas deposits lower bills use less energy HeatingSave self-learning computerised management system run your heating more efficiently Energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey says energy reforms have not been made unnecessary by the unearthing of European shale gas deposits. He also rejected suggestions that the emergence of new shale gas supplies make a ‘dash for gas’ attractive. “Yes, prices can go down, as well as up,” he said. “And yes, unconventional gas can make a difference, although perhaps not as big a difference as some sections of the press would have me believe.”

There is only a finite supply of a natural resource like gas, so its scarcity means that future prices will only go up. Therefore the only way to lower your bills is to use less energy for your heating thanks to HeatingSave. Its self-learning computerised management system can work out how to run your heating more efficiently while still keeping you warm. HeatingSave works on most types of central heating systems that use natural gas. The system will pay for itself in no time, usually within two years.

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