Occupancy sensors are one way that management system reduces heating bills by a third

A consumer watchdog has claimed many of the cheapest gas and electricity deals are ignored by energy companies when speaking to customers. Researchers at Which? called energy suppliers and asked for the cheapest deal. For example, telesales staff at Southern Electric (part of the Scottish and Southern Energy Group) mentioned the cheapest tariff in just three of the 12 calls. The firm replied there was little price difference between the tariffs, but accepted it could learn from some points raised.

To ensure the best deal on energy, switch to HeatingSave House & Home, the ideal system to save on your home heating. This is a microprocessor management system that can reduce your heating bills by up to 30%-plus by using processes normally only found in expensive building management systems. Additional items, such as PIR occupancy sensors (pictured) and room temperature sensors, are available to purchase from our website. HeatingSave House & Home comes complete with HeatingSave controller, 4 temperature probes, a room temperature sensor, HeatingSave Lite PC software and installation instructions.

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