PC based energy management system offsets soaring gas and electricity prices

Energy regulator Ofgem has proposed to sweep away “complex and unfair pricing practices” by the main gas and electricity suppliers after examining the market. Ofgem added that, for the first time, it had uncovered evidence that suppliers had pushed up prices in response to rising costs more swiftly than they reduced them when costs fell. Ofgem examined the market in November amid an outcry from consumers when it was revealed that price increases had seen suppliers’ profit margins soar by 38%.

You can combat high energy bills by switching to HeatingSave’s computer controlled central heating. More than 95 per cent of central heating systems use a time clock, boiler and room thermostat to control the heating. This is a hopelessly inefficient system based on century-old technology. Replacing your central heating clock with a HeatingSave controller can save you £100’s off your annual heating bill as its internal computer constantly calculates and improves the efficiency of your central heating system. Linking HeatingSave to your PC creates a powerful energy management system.

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