Reduce carbon emissions at a dwelling with software via broadband connection

The Coalition’s new Energy Bill was launched at the end of last week. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey commented on the bill: “The Energy Bill will attract investment to bring about a once in a generation transformation of our electricity market, moving from predominantly a fossil-fuel to a diverse low-carbon generation mix.” The Government sees the bill as an economic boost, saying it will help create and support jobs in every part of the nation and stimulate supply chains.

Save fuel bills by more than a quarter and reduce carbon emissions at your dwelling with the HeatingSave microprocessor controlled energy manager. HeatingSave’s mobile software lets you wirelessly check and control what’s happening in your home from any iPhone, Smart Phone or wireless laptop. The real-time updates will keep you aware and informed on your home heating while on the move from anywhere in the world! Simply plug into your broadband connection and the software is easy to set up and use.

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