Reduce energy costs now with intelligent computerised boiler control

Energy secretary Chris Huhne has given his backing for proposals to simplify electricity and gas tariffs. “Consumers deserve the best possible deal, which means rough and tough competition in the marketplace,” he said. The ‘Big Six’ suppliers in Britain have been ordered to reform their pricing and stop confusing customers, or face a formal referral to the Competition Commission. The firms have just two months to accept wide-ranging reforms, said regulator Ofgem.

Why wait until the big suppliers reduce prices, you can save money now on your fuel bills with HeatingSave’s intelligent computerised boiler and heating control system. The automatic processing of HeatingSave maintains comfort conditions, while the advanced PC software gives you full control over the costs. Included in HeatingSave is an outside temperature compensation facility, which switches your heating on later if it is warm and earlier if it is cold, which in itself can save up to 10% off your heating costs. Another feature is gradient control of room temperatures at different times of the day.

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