Room temperature sensor helps keep a building comfortable while saving money on fuel

One in two people say energy bills will put a strain on their finances this year. This was just one of the findings revealed during Big Energy Week from Citizens Advice. This involved consumer groups, energy suppliers, switching websites and Government agencies working together to give consumer information about all the help available. Big Energy Week last week helped those struggling with rising fuel bills with an item on the BBC’s One Show television programme which highlighted energy switching.

Energy customers can cut their fuel bills and ease their worries using HeatingSave’s computer powered boiler and central heating control system which keeps a building comfortable while saving money. For example, the HeatingSave room temperature sensor continuously measures the temperature in your home and feeds this to the HeatingSave controller. You will need to have at least one temperature sensor for each heating zone. The room sensor cannot be fiddled with, so there is no danger that someone will turn up the heating and just forgetting about it.

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