Save even more with underfloor heating and HeatingSave

Underfloor heating solutions are typically considered to be expensive gimmicks, mostly used by people with a serious amount of disposable income available, and they’re clearly not as popular as classical radiators.

While there might be some truth regarding the actual costs involved for setting up such a system, in reality, underfloor heating enables customers to save a lot more energy than previously thought possible, especially due to the fact that it ensures an even dispersion of heat across an entire room, with no cold spots or draughts.

Plus, such a system makes away with any unsightly radiators, meaning that home owners will be granted a new level of freedom as far as the interior design of their homes is concerned. 

There are several underfloor heating systems available on the market, most of which are divided into two main categories: electric and hot water based, using flexible plastic pipes which are filled with warm water directly from the central heating.

Regardless of your underfloor heating solution of choice, HeatingSave offers you a very good level of support. For example, if you’ve opted for an electric-based one, our FairUsage system will certainly help you manage it, while the water-based ones will fit in quite nicely with our HeatingSave technology.

So, if you’re interested in installing an underfloor heating solution in your home and plan on maximizing your energy efficiency levels, do get in touch in order to benefit from one of our free Energy Savings Surveys. You might really be surprised of just how much HeatingSave can help you save. 

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