Touch screen monitor shows where most money is spent on energy in the home

An official survey revealed nearly eight out of 10 people in the UK prefer renewable energy. According to the major poll published by the government today (Tuesday), of the 2,107 people asked in December and January just four per cent were opposed to using renewable energy. Revealingly, 67 per cent are worried UK supplies of fossil fuels are not sufficient to meet UK demand into the future. The findings tally with a series of recent polls from different sources.

HeatingSave’s computer-powered energy saving system for homes typically saves more than one-quarter off fuel bills. Our Energy Monitor connects to a HeatingSave energy management system to give you the ability to view your current energy usage. Additionally, it shows the amount of CO2 associated with this energy usage, all on a very easy to use monitor touch screen. Always keep up-to-date on what’s going on with your energy system, where you are using the most energy and where you are spending the most money.

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