Unusually cold weather and low stocks keep UK gas prices high

The unusual cold weather the UK has experienced over the month of March, as well as the depletion of the country’s gas reserves, kept British spot gas prices a very high level.

According to a report by Reuters, demand in this period has been more than 20 percent above the seasonal norm, which led to storage sites being depleted by 93.71 percent. Naturally, this kept gas prices up throughout this period.

Unfortunately, such situations might actually happen a lot more often on the future, as climate changes become more visible. However, if you’d like to limit your exposure to the effects of gas tariffs hikes, then HeatingSave is the best solution out there.

The HeatingSave energy management system will allow users to save anywhere between 20% and 30+%, by optimizing consumption levels across their homes. This is achieved with the help of our proprietary, advanced heat-loss algorithm that’s capable of self-learning the heating characteristics of each heating zone within one’s home.

From this, HeatingSave can work out how to run the heating more efficiently to cut fuel bills, while the occupancy sensors included in the package also only heat the areas that are being used.

Furthermore, HeatingSave works on most types of central heating systems that use natural gas, oil, solid fuel (such as anthracite), electricity or LPG, but will also control renewable heating systems, such as air & ground source and wood burners.

The system is approved by both the Energy Saving Trust, the Carbon Trust and selected by the BRE (Building Research Establishment) for the Greenhouse Project, proving once more its high level or reliability.

If you want to find out more information about HeatingSave, our dedicated product team will answer all of your questions, so do get in touch.  

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