Use heating control occupancy sensors to make a home more energy efficient

To support the construction industry, energy secretary Chris Huhne said that government policy will stop any ‘cowboy’ installers taking on jobs under the Green Deal, with registered tradespeople being given a quality mark to put customers’ minds at rest. The Energy Bill was introduced to Parliament last year and includes provision for a new Green Deal which the Government believes will revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties. It wants private firms to offer consumers home energy efficiency improvements.

Make your home central heating 25% more energy efficient by switching to HeatingSave. At the heart of HeatingSave is a four layer, a state-of-the-art, surface mount microprocessor controller with eight temperature/light level/humidity analogue sensor inputs, eight occupancy sensor/switch digital inputs and eight mains relay outputs. HeatingSave makes its savings via many methods, including occupancy sensors to reduce or switch off the heating when nobody is around. The effect from the savings is cumulative – so a few per cent here and a few there will add up to over 25%, or more.

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