Ward off soaring gas bills with 30 per cent savings from building energy management control

The official energy price enforcer is warning consumers they face gas price increases of up to 30 per cent before winter. Ofgem issued the grave statement after it found out wholesale prices for gas next winter have already risen by almost a third. The increase could add more than £200 to the typical energy bill. Ofgem said: “We can’t promise lower prices but what we can do is try and make sure that transparency is clear and make sure there’s good competition in the market.”

Consumers can ward off the forthcoming soaring rise in gas bills with up to 30 per cent-plus savings derived from HeatingSave’s state-of-the-art building energy management system (BEMS). HeatingSave uses a unique ‘heat loss algorithm’ comprising multiple quadratic equations for each heating zone (a maximum of 40 zones per controller) to switch the heating on as late as possible to still reach the required temperature by the required time. The system can be applied to air conditioning units, solar-thermal collectors and biomass boilers to maximise your savings.

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