Local authorities demand more freedom on setting higher energy efficiency standards in new homes

Several local authorities have joined forces and demanded more freedom on imposing stricter energy efficiency and sustainability standards within new built homes, a recent news report has been able to suggest.

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), Core Cities UK and UK100 proposed new wording of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and have called on the minister Dominic Raab, the Minister of State for Housing and Planning, to provide renewed confidence and clarity.

The groups believe frequent changes to housing policies in recent years have led to confusion and uncertainty about what can and cannot be done at the local level to improve the green credentials of new-build homes.

The proposed measures would make clear that local authorities have the freedom to set higher sustainability standards in new homes.

John Alker, Director of Policy and Places at UKGBC, said: β€œAt a time of devolution and city leadership on climate change and sustainability, it seems perverse to artificially stifle the ambition of local authorities, who are working together to move forward collectively and consistently.”

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