Local authority launches scheme to help residents save on energy

A local authority has revealed plans to launch a series of energy-saving initiatives to help residents combat the rising cost of energy bills, a recent news report in the local business media has been able to suggest.

Southend Council will roll out a series of measures, such as setting up energy generation and storage devices for households to assist residents reduce their energy consumption. The council will also work with a list of vetted companies to supply energy devices, and market them to residents.

Councillor Ann Holland, responsible for culture, tourism and the economy, said: “Energy prices look set to rise for the foreseeable future at the same time as nationally, the demand for electricity is outstripping our ability to generate it.

“What we are considering is a potential solution to both these issues: a means for local residents to reduce their energy bills and a way of helping to balance electricity supply and demand.

“This would result in hard-pushed householders being better able to keep their homes warm – known to be a major contributor to health – lower carbon-emissions through the adoption of green technology, and an electricity network that is less vulnerable to power cuts.”

Residents wanting to be part of the scheme would have their home fitted with an energy generation device, such as solar panels, along with a battery, which would store and release the energy generated.

The householder could also use energy from their battery to power their home or sell it back to the grid at times of peak energy demand. The council will also consider other financial support options to residents. These include discounts offered to residents if they pay their energy bill in full upfront.

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