More than 130,000 households save up to £38 million by switching energy supplier

DECC’s ‘Power to Switch’ campaign has managed to help over 130,000 households save up to £38 million in just one month by simply switching suppliers, the Government has recently revealed in a statement.

The ‘Power to Switch’ campaign launched on Monday 16 February 2015 and advertising went live on Thursday 19 February. The campaign has run in England, Scotland and Wales.

Figures based on data provided by eight Ofgem accredited price comparison websites and aggregated to protect commercial sensitivity and gathered between 16 February 2015 and 16 March 2015, inclusive, point out that there has been an 193% increase in total savings.

Average saving of £312 were achieved for dual fuel switches, an increase of nearly 60%, while there was also an 80% increase in the number of households who switched.

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Amber Rudd, said:

“What a terrific response to our campaign – thousands are better off and taking advantage of more competitive deals on the market. It’s not too late – even more people can still switch and save today.”

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