NHS could attain major energy savings by comparing energy costs

The NHS is currently wasting money on energy and could attain major savings of “several hundred million pounds” by comparing energy costs, a recent report into the NHS has been able to find.

The latest NHS interim evaluation: ‘Review of Operational Productivity in NHS providers’ found that NHS trusts do not compare energy costs in an effective manner, which leads to some of them actually splashing out more than the others.

The paper said: “In terms of total running costs, if all hospitals reduced costs to match the average of their peers, the NHS could save several hundred million pounds.

“We need to do more to understand this opportunity. Accepting there will always be differences between hospitals in this area, simple comparisons do reveal opportunities.”

The report also found the £50 million NHS Estates Efficiency Fund is on track to deliver savings of 100.6 Mkg of carbon dioxide per year, while future savings under this project will add up to £69.8 million in the first five years of operation.

HeatingSave – the energy efficiency solution of choice for significant savings

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The system is backed by the Carbon Trust and the Energy Savings Trust.

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