Southend-on-Sea council to start monitoring energy efficiency of local housing stock

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is set to launch an interesting initiative that involves monitoring energy efficiency of the local housing stock and creating a map that includes address-level energy efficiency housing data, a news report has been able to suggest.

The three-year project, conducted together with the Energy Savings Trust (EST) aims to provide address-level housing data for the area, as well as offering support and maintenance in using the data provided, and refreshing and updating figures where needed over the period.

The project has multiple areas of focus. First and foremost, it’s about creating an address-level database using the area’s available data. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) records are used as well as Energy Saving Trust’s own data from the Home Energy Efficiency Database (HEED) to look at where energy efficiency measures have been installed.

Where gaps exist, statistical modelling is used to fill in the missing pieces of information. This final, modelling approach tends to come in at 80-90 per cent accuracy—a far more precise and complete picture will be created of what’s going on in local housing.

Working with the Energy Saving Trust, Southend Borough Council will collate all their housing data in one easy-to-use database, and with support from the Health Department, will ensure that health data is included.

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