Intruder Management from Anywhere

HeatingSave systems already have sensors in place to detect the presence of people, to better manage heating and cooling. Here, we have taken this data to provide a simple-to-use, but a fast, effective and responsive intruder management system that can be run from your mobile phone.

The soft intruder management shows activity within intruder zones when they are not armed. This feature is a quick useful method of keeping track of activity. There are several levels of intruder arming and these can each have a different level of response depending on which level is set. For instance, you might like to receive a Text alert or a speech alert if a zone is armed to the lowest level. No bells, sirens or light, just a gentle nudge that people are not where you would expect them. Move the arming to a higher level and you would get these alerts and perhaps bells, sirens or a different set of alerts to a different set of personnel. The choice is yours – all easily created Actions within the software so that the HeatingSave security provides the level of security that you require without being overbearing.

Spoken Alerts to your Mobile Phone

If you are woken in the middle of the night by an intruder alert, then you don’t just need to know that there may be a break-in but also explicitly where the problem lies and the rooms or areas involved. The HeatingSave app talks to you in plain English (other languages available) using a structure that you have already created within the software. In this way, it’s possible to customise the intruder alerts specific to your needs and requirements. Using the HeatingSave Alarm Clock feature speech alerts can be prioritised to others if you are asleep, or urgent ones still directed to you