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  1. Elouise Lingerie use HeatingSave

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    Elouise Lingerie is shop in Buckden, Cambridgeshire selling high-class ladies lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. In 2008 their manager was considering changing their old gas boiler, which was over 10 years old, for a new combi boiler. At the same time she wanted to install a system that turned on the heating only when they needed it. “We had a 24-hour time clock so the heating was still running on Sundays when the shop is not open” she explained. “Staff don”t remember to switch off the heating when they go home and of course it”s cold when they come to work in Monday. Sure, we could have installed a 7 day clock, but that doesn“t handle holidays or other times when the shop is closed” she added. (more…)

  2. Phoenix Mechanical Services gets extensive heating control with HeatingSave

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    Phoenix Mechanical Services Limited have been established since 1983 and are a well-known sub-contractor with a very good reputation for quality and reliability. They provide a diverse range of Mechanical Building Services and have a very good level of experience in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments, including manufacture and installation in projects as diverse as Medical Environments, Food Processing and Heavy Engineering.

    Phoenix Mechanical Services is based in Sheffield, their quarters including office space, as well as workshops that are fully equipped to cope with fabrication and assembly tasks. Their secure stockyard caters for material and equipment storage.

    Ms. Donna Crookes is an accountant for Phoenix Mechanical Services. When interviewed by the HeatingSave reporter, she recalled that, around 18 to 20 months ago, the company started looking for a solution that would provide them with a higher level of control over the heating system installed in their offices. (more…)