Save money with the perfect temperature control system

The respected money advice website MoneySavingExpert has produced a useful guide to exactly how you can reduce your energy spending … and which methods are in fact, myths.

Their tips include:

Keeping the heating on all day, rather than only when you need it, is not going to produce savings in the long run, due to the fact that all buildings will lose heat over time. However, many MoneySaving forum participants pointed out that only switching the heating on exactly when you need it is likely to result in you being cold as the building heats up around you. The solution is to make sure that the heating comes on a bit before you actually need it.

Electric heaters are one of the most expensive ways to heat your surroundings. MSE say: “Generally, the cheapest way is using an efficient gas central heating system, with a full set of thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat and a timer.”

Having radiator valves allows you to vary the temperature between rooms, rather than have it the same everywhere. This should reduce your usage – no-one’s using the spare room or the conservatory in November, are they?

Check out the rest of the advice here.

Slash your energy and heating bills with the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System

Our innovative building energy management system (BEMS) HeatingSave can help you with many of the money-saving tips shown in the above referenced article – and more besides! We regularly save customers over 25% on their bills!

The main way that we can do this is by making sure that the building is only heated exactly as much as it needs to be. How do we do that?

Firstly, you enter the temperature that you want into the Heating Diary. We can wire your building into as many different zones as you feel is necessary. Here you can see MSE’s advice comes into play – you don’t need to heat rooms you’re not using.

Our automatic occupancy sensors will detect when there is a sustained presence in an area and will quickly bring it up to your programmed temperature. If your building is not used overnight, you can make use of our “night setback” feature, which lowers the temperature.

You can change the set room temperature up to 1000 times a day (yes, that’s one thousand) so you can react quickly to changing plans.

The second way that we ensure the building is only heated exactly as much as it needs to be is through our heating algorithm. This advanced set of rules works out exactly when it needs to turn the heating on in order to reach your required temperature, and the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

For example, you might realise that if staff come in at 9:00, turning on the heating at 9:00 will just result in a lot of cold, complaining staff trying to fiddle with the thermostat. So you might take a guess and set the heating to come on at 0:800.

However, if you simply tell the HeatingSave algorithm that you want the temperature to reach 19 degrees Celsius by 09:00, it may work out that it actually only needs to start heating at 08:30. This saves you half an hour of heating costs!

There are huge numbers of useful features in HeatingSave, helping it to give you exactly the heating bill you should have. Have a look at our website for more detail, or get in contact.

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