5 Reasons Why You Need a Building Management System

HeatingSave offers a smart building energy management system capable of running any building more efficiently, and improving security whilst doing so. It drastically reduces wasted fuel and energy, cuts the cost of your utility bills and lowers CO2 emissions all whilst maintaining personal comfort conditions. It is designed for use in all building archetypes, sizes and uses.

With that in mind, this article is designed to explain what a building management system is, the benefits of one, and the reasons how your building can take advantage of one; both economically and environmentally.

Energy cost savings with a BMS

One of the biggest advantages of a HeatingSave energy management system is the drastic cuts to utility bills it can bring. If you have a large building with plenty of rooms then you can benefit from a BMS. It has been proven that a building management system can cut your heating and energy bills by around 30%, and in some cases these figures have risen up to 50%. Businesses such as small shops, offices, village halls, leisure facilities to schools, colleges, healthcare buildings, factories, and the Public Sector have all seen major reductions on their utility bills – with all thanks to a HeatingSave BMS. 

“The big benefit for us is cutting costs. We’re confident we’ve saved a third on our gas bills.”
— Bernard Bone, Treasurer, Northiam Village Hall Trust

Controls building energy consumption 

BMS controls your building’s energy usage. It monitors the usage patterns and lets you know when the demand for energy is at its peak so that you can attempt to use less energy. The heating pattern and heating diary control feature allows you to avoid heating/cooling areas at times when they are not in use. For example, times like weekends, holidays, or areas of variable occupancy and infrequent use.

The HeatingSave BMS gives you minute-by-minute transactions, providing you with the data necessary to control all aspects of the building’s energy usage and building performance – including air quality.

The automatic occupancy sensor detects movement, or lack of movement, in a certain area so it can lower the temperature when areas are not used and then quickly bring it back to the desired temperature when they are occupied – saving energy when it is not required.

Environmental benefits of a BMS

As well as reducing energy and heating costs, a BMS is also designed to reduce any building’s carbon footprint, thereby being a perfect tool in the continuing struggle to tackle the climate emergency. It can reduce a building’s carbon footprint by allowing it to waste less energy by cleverly controlling consumption.

Boosting building safety with a BMS

A building management system offers safety for your building, its occupants, and your business assets. Heatingsave offers a room booking system known as Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM). HESM is a complete turn-key system that replaces your existing heating time clock to provide your hall or similar building with an inexpensive, all-in-one energy management, room booking and access control system.

The room booking system allows you to rent rooms or certain areas of your building which can then be linked to your heating system to heat up each area as and when required. Our access control system can also tie into keeping your building and occupants safe. Access control allows authorised personnel into your building to prevent unwanted visitors and to allow users of the building to feel safe and secure.

A BMS improves comfort levels

Maximising comfort levels is at the heart of what a building management system does. For example, a user is able to set the temperature of a specific room or area to suit them. This may be higher in the winter seasons or on cooler days, and lower in the summer seasons or on warmer days. A HeatingSave BMS also allows you to set the heater to come on or off at specific times, weeks in advance. This is to allow users of a room to be at a comfortable temperature when using the room. This can then be set to turn off or down once the room is then unoccupied.

If you would like more information on the HeatingSave building management system, or if you would like to inquire about a quote, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help. 

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