How to Stop Energy Price Rises

Stopping the constant rise in energy bills is becoming a growing concern for businesses and homeowners across the country. Especially, as colder weather looms and the winter months beckon, the time is approaching for the heating to be turned up to stay warm on the colder winter days.

As expected, this increases heating and energy bills and puts pressure on some businesses and homeowners to be able to afford the maintenance of their building or home. Coupled with the added incentive from the UK government for SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint, many are left wondering what can they do…

How businesses can lower their energy bills

HeatingSave’s building energy management system (BEMS) is the most effective method of reducing heating and energy bills for businesses and homeowners. With a proven saving percentage of between 20-to-30 percent, HeatingSave’s BEMS has the ability to better run any building, more efficiently, by cutting costs while also improving security.

It comes with an advanced software suite that provides you with the important data required to control all aspects of the building’s energy usage and performance. This means that even when you have your heating on during the winter months, the building energy management system will ensure that your building is run efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you money.

Here’s how:

How a building energy management system works 

HeatingSave’s building energy management system is unique – it has many distinctive features that are the perfect solution to combating those higher heating and energy bills during the winter months.

The BEMS creates heating patterns and a heating diary, meaning it can understand when a room is going to be used or not. This allows it to automatically avoid heating/cooling areas that are not used, which is especially useful for businesses during weekends, holidays, non-working hours and if it has areas of variable occupancy such as toilets, hallways and kitchens to name a few.

Our building energy management system includes a heat-loss algorithm that learns the heat-loss profile of each heating zone within your building to heat or cool the room at the latest possible moment in time. It understands both the outside and inside temperatures, allowing the room or area to be heated closer to the time of use if it is already warm (saving energy) while allowing the room or area to be heated earlier if the current temperature is lower.

HeatingSave’s automatic occupancy detection sensors lower the temperature (or turn the heating off) when areas are not used and then quickly bring them back to temperature when they sense that an area is now occupied again. This allows buildings to be energy efficient and only heating rooms when absolutely necessary.

The software coupled with this heat-saving-hardware also can show you in real-time the energy usage and total cost of operations – allowing you to monitor usage and streamline spending.

BEMS ensures building security

While improving your buildings energy efficiency and reducing your heating and energy bills is the main purpose of HeatingSave’s building energy management system, it is also an extremely effective security solution.

HeatingSave’s BEMS includes a room booking system that links in with your heating diary to only heat or cool areas when used. It produces an automatic calculation of heating times and temperatures to room match bookings should your business be hosting a meeting, for example. The room booking system also links up with our smart card access control system and intruder detection, meaning that only authorised personnel can gain access into your building at times set by you with the room booking system.

How homeowners can help stop energy price rises

It is not all about how businesses and business owners can save money on their heating and energy bills. Homeowners are able to do so too with a thermostatic radiator valve

HeatingSave’s thermostatic radiator valve has built-in memory to match your lifestyle and needs, automatically altering your TRVs settings to optimise comfort levels in each room within your home. This replaces your existing radiator valve and uses its built-in sensors to measure temperature in real time, adjusting the water flow throughout your radiator, but also communicate with your boiler to not waste energy.

On average, our TRVs have the ability to save you 20-to-30%+ on your heating bill. This is especially the case for homes that have infrequently used rooms or areas. HeatingSave’s thermostatic radiator valve allows you to control individual radiators, giving you the ability to ‘zone heat’ all from the comfort of your laptop, desktop PC or mobile device.

If your business or home is set for a tough winter period and would benefit from HeatingSave’s building energy management system, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to assist you.

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