What is a Sustainable Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, organisation, event or business. Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, can be emitted through the burning of fossil fuels and/or the production and consumption of foods, transportation, manufactured goods and other services or actions.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Your individual or collective carbon footprint is the impact that we, as human beings and businesses, have on the environment. There are many actions that businesses can take in order to reduce their carbon footprint and play their part to meet the Government’s requirements of being net zero by 2050. These actions can be switching to online meetings and online events or even using public transport or car sharing for business trips/commuting to and from work. However, investing in a building energy management system is one of the most cost-effective and best long-term solutions to not only reducing your business’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, but also reducing heating and energy bills.

How to reduce your carbon footprint with HeatingSave

HeatingSave’s building energy management system (BEMS) has the ability to not only reduce your business’s carbon footprint and allow it to be more environmentally friendly, but it also has the ability to reduce your business’s heating and energy bills by 20-to-30%+.

HeatingSave’s BEMS is easy-to-use and offers advanced software with a simple interface that shows you the energy that your building uses as well as how much it is costing you and your business. Additionally, HeatingSave’s BEMS records the pre-purge time (start-up time) for boilers, understands the burn rate and then, with figures supplied from the Carbon Trust, works out the KwH and CO2 used. Once this information is recorded, the BEMS is then able to work out your expenditure.

Our building energy management system has saved many companies and organisations a lot of money on their heating and energy bills while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint, creating more and more environmentally friendly businesses. The Devas Club, below, are a youth club in London who have a HeatingSave BEMS installed and recently gave us their opinion on the system. You can read the full case study by clicking the button below.  

“HeatingSave is such better value for money than the alternative options and works in cutting carbon emissions”
—  Toby Costin, Director, The Devas Club

The Devas Club

Occupancy sensors help reduce carbon footprint 

Our building energy management system includes technologically advanced occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on/off as well as being able to turn the heating up, down or off, depending on whether a room is being occupied or not. Automatic occupancy detection plays a pivotal role in both saving your business money and improving your businesses carbon footprint.

This is evident due to infrequently used areas of the building, such as meeting rooms, bathrooms or communal areas, that are not required to be heated for large parts of the day then the HeatingSave BEMS occupancy sensors will adapt to the occupancy in the room by automatically adjusting the heating and lighting; saving you money and energy while going a long way to reducing your businesses carbon footprint. 

HeatingSave’s building energy management system also includes an advanced room booking system. The room booking system allows you to rent/book areas/rooms within the building for reasons such as meetings or classes. Bookings are automatically translated into heating patterns by the software so the heating perfectly matches the building’s use. With the use of temperature sensors, heating is automatically turned down when heating zones are not in use.

“The Carbon Trust accreditation was important, it showed quality.”
— Gus Alston, Chief Executive, Stonegrove Community Trust

Stonegrove Community Trust

We also pride ourselves on our impressive range of accreditations. The full list of accreditations can be seen via the button below.


If you would like more information on our building energy management system and how it can reduce your businesses carbon footprint while cutting heating and energy costs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team today who will be happy to help.

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